Critical SQL Injection Vulnerability in LayerSlider Plugin Threatens 1 Million WordPress Sites

A critical SQL injection vulnerability has been discovered in a widely used WordPress plug-in, LayerSlider, potentially compromising over 1 million sites and allowing attackers to extract sensitive data such as password hashes from…

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WordPress Security Checklist

WordPress Security Checklist – 2024 Updated List

WordPress remains one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) globally, powering over 40% of all websites on the internet. However, its widespread use also makes it a prime target for malicious…

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How to Prevent Malware Attacks on WordPress

The digital landscape is constantly under the looming threat of malware attacks, capable of exploiting vulnerabilities and causing significant harm to your online presence. The consequences of these cyber assaults can range from…

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WordPress wpconfig file techhyme

The wp-config.php File – Unraveling the Core of WordPress

WordPress, a powerful and dynamic Content Management System (CMS), thrives on delivering a seamless User Experience (UX) on both its front and back ends. Behind the scenes, managing the core elements of this…

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wordpress features reasons best platform blogging techhyme

Top 30 Reasons Why WordPress is the Best Blogging Platform

WordPress is one of the best blogging platform you can find today as it powers authoritative blogs. In fact, Technorati says 80% of the blog on the internet are running on the WordPress…

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WP Mail SMTP Plugin WordPress Tech Hyme Tutorial

How to Configure WP Mail SMTP Plugin in WordPress

Having problems with your site not sending emails? Email has been a major part of the Internet revolution, and not just because it has streamlined the junk mail industry. When a message is…

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WordPress Backup Plugins Tech Hyme

Top 5 High Rated WordPress Backup Plugins

Today through this article, we are going to tell you about the Top 5 High Rated WordPress Backup Plugins that you can use for your WordPress blog. Because it happens to us many…

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