List of C Language Programs for Beginners

List of C Programs Techhyme

C Language was developed in AT & T Bell Lab, USA. Before C Language, Ken Thompson developed a B language which was influenced by a Basic Combined Programming Language i.e. BPCL developed by Martin Richards.

Dennis Ritchie made number of advancements in B language and from here, a new language called C-language is developed.

C language is extremely simple and flexible in nature. This language have rich set of library functions and keywords. C language can be used to write any type of programs. C language is a structural programming language because in this, user divides the program into small modules or routines called functions. These functions performs a special task. With the use of local variables, one can divide a C program into small modules. The use of these variables is hidden from the rest of the program.

C language can also be used for writing application programs for scientific, engineering and business applications.

Below is the list of some common C-language programs:

  1. To Find the Sum of Two Numbers
  2. To Find Multiplication of 3 Numbers
  3. To Find Area of Rectangle
  4. To Find Square of Number
  5. To Find Cube of Number
  6. To Find Area of Circle
  7. To Find Simple Interest
  8. To Find Square Root of Number
  9. To Convert the Time
  10. To Swap Two Numbers
  11. To Swap Two Numbers Without Using 3rd Variable
  12. To Find Average of 5 Numbers
  13. To Calculate Perimeter & Area of Rectangle
  14. To Find Volume of Box
  15. To Find Area & Circumference of Circle
  16. To Find Total Marks & Percentage of Student in 5 Subjects
  17. To Convert Temperature From Fahrenheit to Celcius
  18. To Perform All Arithmetic Operations on Two Numbers
  19. Program Showing Use of \n
  20. Program Showing Use of \t
  21. Use getchar() Function
  22. Use getche() Function
  23. Use getch() Function
  24. Use putchar() Function
  25. Program using puts
  26. Program using gets
  27. Program using printf() Function
  28. Program using nested printf() Function
  29. Program using scanf() Function
  30. Program using integer formatting
  31. Program having floating point number formatting
  32. Program to perform all arithmetic operations on two numbers
  33. Program to find greatest among 2 no.’s using conditional operator
  34. Program to check number is odd or even using conditional operator
  35. Program using type casting or explicit type conversion
  36. To print ASCII code of any number between 0 to 255
  37. To Find Square Root of Number
  38. To Check Year is Leap or Not
  39. To Check Whether Shopkeeper is in Profit or Loss
  40. To Check Alphabet is Vowel or Consonant
  41. To Convert Upper Case into Lower Case or vice-versa
  42. To Find Greatest Among 3 Numbers
  43. To Check Entered Character is Uppercase, Lowercase, Digit or Special Symbol
  44. To Check in Which Quardent Point Lies
  45. To Check Number is Divisible by 3 and 6
  46. To Find a Greater Number
  47. Find Greatest Among 3 Numbers using Conditional Operators
  48. To Print 1st n-Natural Numbers using While Loop
  49. To Print 1st 10 Even Numbers using While Loop
  50. To Find Sum of Digits of a Number
  51. To Find Reverse of Number
  52. To Find Sum of First and Fourth Digit in a Four Digit Number
  53. To Print 1st 100 Even Numbers using Do-While Loop
  54. To Find HCF of Two Numbers
  55. To Print 1st n-Natural Numbers using For Loop
  56. To Find Factorial of Number
  57. To Print Following Series 1, 10, 100, 1000, 10000
  58. To Find Average of 1st n-Natural Numbers
  59. To Print Following Pattern 1 11 111
  60. To print following Pattern 1 12 123 1234 and so on
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